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Family owned resort, Crystal Waves has always been a place which brought fun and people together. Rolando San Pedro built this place from ground up to give the citizens of Nueva Ecija a paradise in the middle of the Talavera fields.

The brand’s positioning as “Paradise in the City” stems from the company’s core identity. Crystal Waves boasts of being adventurous yet relaxed, very professional and genuine at the same time. This friendly approach shows consumers that Crystal Waves is now modern and innovative but still remains accessible and familiar to its former patrons.

As a modern brand, it is important that we communicate to our consumers in different manners and ensure every touch point is relationship-building moment. We build trust and credibility by delivering clear information in the brand’s own unique voice. To achieve this, we have created guidelines which can easily be followed for a consistent look and feel in all in-hotel collateral needed.

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